Facts & numbers of the week…

  • Girls aged eight to 12 spend more than $40 million a month on beauty products, while those aged 13 to 17 spend more than $100 million a month, the NPD Group found. Beauty products targeting young girls are one of the fastest growing trends within the beauty industry. But that is irrelevant. The question is, why does this kids need beauty products???
  • To follow up on the bizarre Farmvill numbers from an earlier Facts´n numbers III, the largest group of Farmvillers are women aged 35 to 45 year (see: More than 82 million people log in to the wildly popular Facebook application Farmvill each month
  • 57. The number of hours it takes to make proper sourdough bread. Resting hours that is. not manpower hours.
  • Changing Education Paradigms, the 11 min long RSA animated talk by Sir Ken Robinson is now viewed 6 208 230 times online. If you didn´t have a chance to watch it yet, here is the link. Strongly recommend it!
  • Network” the movie (not to be confused with “the social network”) was made in 1976!! Who would have guessed!? I mean,- apart from the fact that the set, clothing, haircuts, lack of cell phones and and and.. reveals that the film is from the 70s., the film could just as well be describing todays media society…
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