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facts & numbers V

The year has changed, 2011 became 2012. What haven’t changed is that I keep facing facts and numbers that surprises, frustrates or amazes me. Some of the numbers listed below…

  • 1 in 7 people lacks access to clean water (World Bank´s fund for the poorest). In Europe this is true for 120 million people (WHO water and sanitation).
  • Turns out that 10 million girls—that’s 25,000 a day—are married before they turn 18. (Nelson Mandela,
  • And speaking of wedding… here another kind of number from “another world”: US Americans on average spend $28.000 for weddings. That’s more then twice as much as in 1980 (adjusted for inflation). “Are they also happier ever after?”, Professor Robert Frank asks in this great RSA talk: The Darwin Economy 
  • Third wedding number of the week: in 1960, 45% of 18-24 year olds were married. Fifty years later, in 2010 only 9% of 18-24 year olds were. (Economix blog NYTimes)
  • 1/4 of the sand on the worlds beaches is… plastic (from documentary: Ozeane aus plastik 2/3)
  • Over half of Germany’s renewable energy is owned by citizens and farmers, not utility companies. (
Stay tuned for more facts & numbers in the weeks to come!


Facts & numbers of the week…

  • Girls aged eight to 12 spend more than $40 million a month on beauty products, while those aged 13 to 17 spend more than $100 million a month, the NPD Group found. Beauty products targeting young girls are one of the fastest growing trends within the beauty industry. But that is irrelevant. The question is, why does this kids need beauty products???
  • To follow up on the bizarre Farmvill numbers from an earlier Facts´n numbers III, the largest group of Farmvillers are women aged 35 to 45 year (see: More than 82 million people log in to the wildly popular Facebook application Farmvill each month
  • 57. The number of hours it takes to make proper sourdough bread. Resting hours that is. not manpower hours.
  • Changing Education Paradigms, the 11 min long RSA animated talk by Sir Ken Robinson is now viewed 6 208 230 times online. If you didn´t have a chance to watch it yet, here is the link. Strongly recommend it!
  • Network” the movie (not to be confused with “the social network”) was made in 1976!! Who would have guessed!? I mean,- apart from the fact that the set, clothing, haircuts, lack of cell phones and and and.. reveals that the film is from the 70s., the film could just as well be describing todays media society…


Nytt år, nye tall og fakta. Jeg starer ut med en kjapp statusgjennomgang av matproduksjon og næringsmiddelkonsum i Norges land.

  • Næringsmiddelindustrien er den nest største industrien i norsk økonomi
  • Verdien av matimport er doblet de siste ti årene
  • 1,09 kr tilsvarer tilskuddet norske aktører mottar pr liter melk ved bruk av norsk melk til produksjon av pizzaost. Tilskuddet til den samme melken, solgt som ost i dagligvarebutikk, ligger på 0,38 kr.
  • 3% av Norges areal er dyrket (dyrkbar…) mark. 67% av dette er gressareal. (fôrkorn, bygg, havre, oljevekster)
  • 15% økologisk landbruk innen 2020 er den sittende regjerings politiske målsetting. I dag drives 5% av jordbruksarealet økologisk.
  • Fire aktører kontrollerer 99,5% av det norske dagligvaremarkedet… (og da har jeg ikke en gang nevnt kiosk, bensinstasjon og storhusholdning…)
  • Den norske forbruker handler i 2,5 butikker pr uke
  • 109 milliarder tilsvarer omsetningen av matvarer i dagens Norge
  • Og sist, men ikke minst er det all grunn til å tro at vi også i 2011 vil fokusere langt mer på priser enn enn på matvarekvalitet og effekter av produksjon, politikk og transport i verdikjeden fra jord til bord.



Inspired by the last week’s events, conferences, world happenings and my forthcoming departure to the States, I’ve collected a couple of interesting facts and numbers…

  • Between 2007 and 2011 the European Union estimate to subsidise nuclear energy with 2,75 billion Euros
  • Among the 10 largest revenue producers in the world, seven are in the energy industry. Oil being number one
  • Wikipedia is now the 5th most visited webpage and they’ve got only 23 employees… (paid employees that is) …
  • In this part of the world, green facades will save you 0,3% of your energy costs
  • Talking about SROI; what you measure matters, and you measure what matters…
  • To any given time of day there are about 3500 containerships out there, on its way to a harbour near you….. 90% of all goods transportation world wide is done by containerships

And I’ll be rounding up this post with the best statement that reached my ears last week: „We do the right thing when we have tried everything else

Enjoy June! I’m off to Oregon for a couple of weeks and will keep you posted on life and learnings over there….


So, these are some interesting facts and numbers that crossed my way this week:

  • 80% of all toothbrushes produced in Germany are produced at the same factory
  • More than 82 million people log in to the wildly popular Facebook application Farmvill each month
  • Among the 100 largest revenue producers last year, only 24 was nations. The rest was Businesses
  • There are about 37.000 NGOs in the world and together they make the 5th largest economy…
  • My daily morning coffee demands 103 litres of virtual water
  • The 18th of October 2008, 480 billion Euros was offered from the German government to save the bank industry. This is more than one-year public budget for Germany (ca 300 billion Euros)
  • The post-war-generation – is he richest generation of all times in history. (Monetary wise)
  • It is  about 25 million garden dwarfs living in German gardens these days….

Enjoy your weekend!