Müllmonster / Garbage monster / søppelmonster


On the last days of the year I have had the pleasure to give a bunch of small “Müllmonster” or “Garbage Monsters” their own webpage. Müllmonster is a project by Urban Curator Jürgen Breiter in cooperation with üNN. During a couple of weeks in October and November 2011, 45 kids from 1.- 3. class at Erica Mann Grundschüle in Berlin-Wedding made a garbage expedition in their school neighborhood. Together with Jürgen they collected and analyzed their findings before creating 45 garbage monsters. Each monster is especially found of a certain kind of garbage and therefore have special attributes. All monsters will be available as stickers first thing in the new year!

Follow the Garbage Monsters and read more about the project here: www.müllmonster.com

Das Projekt “Müllmonster” hat neulig eine eigene Webseite gekriegt wo die ganze kleine Monstern, gezeichnent von 45 Schülern aus 1. bis 3. Klasse der Erica Mann Grundschule in Berlin-Wedding gesehen werden können. Das Projekt ist von Urban Curator Jürgen Breiter im Kooperation mit üNN. 

UPDATE January 25th 
Here a few pictures from the day we gave each kid a pile of his/her own “Müllmonster-stickers”. Lots of fun! And immensely proud children with their self made toys! What was great to see was how they immediately started to swap and trade stickers instead of sticking (…pardon the pun) to their own.




Facts & numbers of the week…

  • Girls aged eight to 12 spend more than $40 million a month on beauty products, while those aged 13 to 17 spend more than $100 million a month, the NPD Group found. Beauty products targeting young girls are one of the fastest growing trends within the beauty industry. But that is irrelevant. The question is, why does this kids need beauty products???
  • To follow up on the bizarre Farmvill numbers from an earlier Facts´n numbers III, the largest group of Farmvillers are women aged 35 to 45 year (see: More than 82 million people log in to the wildly popular Facebook application Farmvill each month
  • 57. The number of hours it takes to make proper sourdough bread. Resting hours that is. not manpower hours.
  • Changing Education Paradigms, the 11 min long RSA animated talk by Sir Ken Robinson is now viewed 6 208 230 times online. If you didn´t have a chance to watch it yet, here is the link. Strongly recommend it!
  • Network” the movie (not to be confused with “the social network”) was made in 1976!! Who would have guessed!? I mean,- apart from the fact that the set, clothing, haircuts, lack of cell phones and and and.. reveals that the film is from the 70s., the film could just as well be describing todays media society…

Published today: Comparative Perspectives on Rural Development and Policy Challenges in Sogn og Fjordane

International Comparative Rural Policy Studies (ICRPS) proudly presents a freshly published report from ICRPS 2011 Sumer institute.

Bryden, JM., Refsgaard, K., Nordskog, K., Baardsen, S., Cappelen, KS.,
Lie, H., Soltani, A (Eds) (2011) Comparative Perspectives on Rural
Development and Policy Challenges in Sogn og Fjordane. NILF Report
2011-2. Oslo, NILF. [ISBN: 978-82-7077-808-9] (108 pages)

The report can be downloaded at www.icrps.org under resources. see: NILF REPORT 2011 2

Banana Building Blocks

Information desk designed by J.Breiter & K.Cappelen for STROKE ART FAIR Berlin 2011

Konservering. av sensommerens dufter og smaker

Sommer går mot høst. Høst vil bli til vinter. Kantraeller, piggsopp og sort trompetsopp er reddet fra skogens mørke, tørket og lagt på glass. Duft, smak og glede konservert i år som i fjor (se Matauke i storbyjungelen 08/10/2010). 



Slik lyder tittelen på min masteroppgave ved Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskap (UMB), institutt for økonomi og ressursforvaltning. Oppgaven inngikk i et større Interreg-A vitensdelingsprosjekt, KASK:VIE, med norske og danske prosjektpartnere fra universitetssektoren og innovasjonsmiljøer i Skagerakk/Kategatt regionen. Oppgaven kan nå lastes ned i sin helhet som pdf. dokument på KASK:VIE´s hjemmeside under overskriften: Grenseoverskridende masteroppgave. Gå til www.kaskvie.eu 




Rural Prosperity!

Two weeks of intense learning, discussing, exploring, listening and laughing has come to an end. International Comparative Rural Policy Studies (ICRPS) summer institute 2011 turned out to be a wonderful experience shared with great people. Safe travels home everyone, was a pleasure to have you visiting and hope you will be back soon. 

The work we did for for Sogn og Fjordane County Governor will be collected in a report to be published early fall.

Ås Newspaper, Sogndal Newspaper and The Farmers Union all wrote about the summer school and articles can be downloaded here:

Ås Newspaper: Studerer livet på landet
Farmers Union website: Bondelaget_Sommarskulestudentar på småkraftsynfaring i Jostedalen

Sogndal Newspaper (picture by Katja Cappelen)