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Inspired by the last week’s events, conferences, world happenings and my forthcoming departure to the States, I’ve collected a couple of interesting facts and numbers…

  • Between 2007 and 2011 the European Union estimate to subsidise nuclear energy with 2,75 billion Euros
  • Among the 10 largest revenue producers in the world, seven are in the energy industry. Oil being number one
  • Wikipedia is now the 5th most visited webpage and they’ve got only 23 employees… (paid employees that is) …
  • In this part of the world, green facades will save you 0,3% of your energy costs
  • Talking about SROI; what you measure matters, and you measure what matters…
  • To any given time of day there are about 3500 containerships out there, on its way to a harbour near you….. 90% of all goods transportation world wide is done by containerships

And I’ll be rounding up this post with the best statement that reached my ears last week: „We do the right thing when we have tried everything else

Enjoy June! I’m off to Oregon for a couple of weeks and will keep you posted on life and learnings over there….