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facts & numbers V

The year has changed, 2011 became 2012. What haven’t changed is that I keep facing facts and numbers that surprises, frustrates or amazes me. Some of the numbers listed below…

  • 1 in 7 people lacks access to clean water (World Bank´s fund for the poorest). In Europe this is true for 120 million people (WHO water and sanitation).
  • Turns out that 10 million girls—that’s 25,000 a day—are married before they turn 18. (Nelson Mandela,
  • And speaking of wedding… here another kind of number from “another world”: US Americans on average spend $28.000 for weddings. That’s more then twice as much as in 1980 (adjusted for inflation). “Are they also happier ever after?”, Professor Robert Frank asks in this great RSA talk: The Darwin Economy 
  • Third wedding number of the week: in 1960, 45% of 18-24 year olds were married. Fifty years later, in 2010 only 9% of 18-24 year olds were. (Economix blog NYTimes)
  • 1/4 of the sand on the worlds beaches is… plastic (from documentary: Ozeane aus plastik 2/3)
  • Over half of Germany’s renewable energy is owned by citizens and farmers, not utility companies. (
Stay tuned for more facts & numbers in the weeks to come!

Müllmonster / Garbage monster / søppelmonster


On the last days of the year I have had the pleasure to give a bunch of small “Müllmonster” or “Garbage Monsters” their own webpage. Müllmonster is a project by Urban Curator Jürgen Breiter in cooperation with üNN. During a couple of weeks in October and November 2011, 45 kids from 1.- 3. class at Erica Mann Grundschüle in Berlin-Wedding made a garbage expedition in their school neighborhood. Together with Jürgen they collected and analyzed their findings before creating 45 garbage monsters. Each monster is especially found of a certain kind of garbage and therefore have special attributes. All monsters will be available as stickers first thing in the new year!

Follow the Garbage Monsters and read more about the project here: www.mü

Das Projekt “Müllmonster” hat neulig eine eigene Webseite gekriegt wo die ganze kleine Monstern, gezeichnent von 45 Schülern aus 1. bis 3. Klasse der Erica Mann Grundschule in Berlin-Wedding gesehen werden können. Das Projekt ist von Urban Curator Jürgen Breiter im Kooperation mit üNN. 

UPDATE January 25th 
Here a few pictures from the day we gave each kid a pile of his/her own “Müllmonster-stickers”. Lots of fun! And immensely proud children with their self made toys! What was great to see was how they immediately started to swap and trade stickers instead of sticking (…pardon the pun) to their own.


Proudly Presenting:

Last week, a TV interview with Jürgen Breiter about our stadtfund project (Eng: city finding) at rbb Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg. Watch the 3:13 min. long interview  HERE
I´m sorry, but the interview is not online at RBB´s pages anymore. Drop me a line if you like me to send you the interview pr mail.

Phänomen Kleingartenkolonie

Auf der Suche nach dem kleinen Glück in der großen Stadt
Det nyeste tilbudet fra ”Nächste Ausfahrt Wedding” er en guided tur gjennom Weddings mest spennende kolonihager. Turen har fått tittelen ”Das Phänomen Kleingartenkolonie – Auf der Suche nach dem kleinen Glück in der großen Stadt” (Fenomenet kolonihager – På leten etter den lille lykke i den store byen). I vårt forarbeide til turen lærte vi en hel del om hvilke problemer som manifesterer seg over hagegjerdene, hvilke reglementer kolonianleggene må innordner seg under og ikke minst traff vi riktig mange hyggelige og imøtekommende kolonihageeiere. I dag var det altså premiere på den guidede turen og resonansen var god. Men først litt generell info om ”Phänomene Kleingarten” Continue reading